Everlasting Mbedzi is 32 years old and originally from Limpopo. After having to leave university in his final year due to lack of funding, Everlasting went to visit an uncle in Port Elizabeth who told him about WORK 4 A LIVING. 

He completed the WORK 4 A LIVING Job Readiness course in February of 2014, and started work at the Family Transformation center in Port Elizabeth. A year later, Everlasting heard about the Red Band barista academy course and decided to complete the training, which he did successfully, and after a successful first year as a barista at another coffee house chain, was hired by Seattle Coffee Co. at the beginning of 2016. 

Everlasting said to us recently, “WORK 4 A LIVING opened up the gates to my employment journey. As soon as I finished classes, I gained employment”.

Now, Everlasting is the manager of a Seattle Coffee Co. branch. He credits WORK 4 A LIVING as a strong foundation for his career, from providing resources and teaching him confidence, to support with finding a job, saying “I always recommend people to WORK 4 A LIVING because of how quickly I was able to find employment. The program has impacted my life in a good way”.

His ambition is to work in coffee and pass on his passion and knowledge to young people who would like to get into the industry. 

A final word from Everlasting, “All I can say is thank you WORK 4 A LIVING, and keep on doing great things to change people’s lives”.