Excellence is when I am so valuable that my employer does not want to be without me. It’s that simple. 

I add value. 

I do not need to be monitored because I self-govern. 

I am on time because I am professional. 

I am good with customers because I am always on the job and paying attention to detail. I do not need to be checked on all the time because I take ownership of my job. 

I don’t gossip at work because it’s not part of my value system. 

I CHOOSE to be excellent. Whether I am a street sweeper or an engineer. 


A rising tide raises all ships. When one person chooses to be excellent, they set a new standard. One of our W4AL facilitator’s emphasises this point with the following amazing story,


“What can compare to the joy of walking into a shop and spotting familiar faces?

Please meet these incredible candidates: Mr. A. Lottering and Miss N. Miggels. They are both WORK 4 A LIVING Kleinskool Centre Alumní.

Mr. Lottering started working at Shoprite uSave as a General Worker in 2018. He took leave from work to do our courses because he wanted to advance himself with job-related skills. He graduated from our courses and he obtained a 4E Certificate (Highest Ranked Certificate at W4AL)

Upon completion, he went back to work, and ever since then he’s been getting promotions and recognition based on his work performance.

Today, he is a Shoprite uSave Store MANAGER.

Mr. Lottering then started looking for staff for HIS store and he employed another W4AL graduate, Miss. N. Miggels  – and trained her to work at the Till point. She was  then signed on a PERMANENT CONTRACT.”


Imagine the impact on a nation when the majority of people choose to work in this way!