When Ruth moved 6 hours from her hometown to the city of Saltillo, Mexico, she was broken. She was moving from a marriage that shattered after a pregnancy that she and her husband had been advised to terminate because of significant disabilities. She was determined not to abort, but nevertheless lost the baby a few hours after birth. She was also leaving a job where, as a female engineer, she was regularly harassed. As a result of these traumatic experiences, Ruth had very little trust in anyone, especially men.

As she began looking for work in a new city, she heard about the WORK 4 A LIVING program and took the class, defensive and guarded. But, during the course, she found out about a loving, personal God who cares for her deeply, in every area of her life! After the course, Ruth and a fellow student successfully started a small business, and multiplied their seed money seven times over! Hungry for more of this life-changing truth, Ruth eagerly accepted Serena, the W4AL facilitator’s offer to start a Discovery Bible Study with her.

Ruth grew quickly in her walk with God through the study. Immediately, she started inviting family and friends so that they also could come to know this God that she has grown to love. She had several family members who contracted COVID-19 and were healed in answer to the group’s prayers. During this time, she also took the WIRED 4 BUSINESS course with the expectation of starting her own business. In this course, her Biblical worldview grew immensely. Soon after the course, God provided an excellent job that allowed her to study and use her engineering experience. Two weeks later, Ruth was accepted into a doctoral program in economics.

Her dream is to become Minister of Energy in Mexico. She has a passion to see others leave the brokenness that she experienced and live the abundant life that she now enjoys. She testifies that God got hold of her during the courses and has changed her completely, transforming her from one who blamed God for the loss of her son and marriage, to one who sees how God was with her in the middle of every moment of her life, and is able to transform loss into abundant life.